Faith Haven Senior Care Centre Helps Restore Independence

Coleen Swank is an 85 year old female who did everything on her own.  She took care of all her daily needs with out any help and was still able to drive herself around.  All of a sudden one day she fell ill and was hospitalized.  She lost her ability to care for herself and her memory.  Unable to recognize the people she once knew, the doctor recommended some therapy.

Coleen came to Faith Haven Senior Care Centre for rehabilitation.  From the time she was wheeled in the door she said she felt welcomed, safe, and secure.  She completed about a month of therapy.  In that time she regained her ability to care for herself again.  The therapist not only helped her restore her strength they also gave her useful tools for safety at home.

Ms. Swank said  that this was on of the best experiences of her life.  Not only did she receive excellent therapy, she fell in love with the girls that took care of her.  “When I’m here I know I have nothing to worry about.  I know I’m safe and will be taken care of.”

Colleen is just one great example of what rehabilitation at Faith Haven Senior Care Centre can do. Check back frequently to hear more stories about our patient’s rehabilitation success.